In this article we will explain some of the key concepts of the Nox Toolbox as they relate to The Security of IT Support and System Administration.

A Global Run As

Some examples of applications that a member of IT Support or a System Administrator might run are…

During day-to-day operations IT Support or Systems Administrator staff typically enter their administrator account details multiple times when running each of these individual applications.

This poses some real challenges…

  • Increases the risk of shoulder surfing (someone finding out an admin password)
  • Often reduces the complexity of the password due to repetitive use
  • Increases the risk of an in-memory keyboard logger stealing credentials

With the Nox Toolbox installed on a system you can run the Nox Toolbox once, as your administrator account.  Every application launched through the Nox Toolbox then runs in that security context.  You can perform a single Run As event at the start of your day on the Nox Toolbox.  This allows you to have a very long and very complex password and eliminates the need to keep typing it every time you run an application as that administrator account.

You now have a Global Run As for your day to day activities !

The following diagram illustrates how you perform this single Run As and then every item in your Nox Toolbox, or any other command you can run from the Windows Run command, is available without needing to re-enter credentials.


There may also be scenarios where you have a Nox Toolbox item that you want to run as the logged in session account, i.e. email or productivity suites such as Microsoft Office.  The installation of the FREE Nox Session Launcher will help with this.  You can configure Nox Toolbox items to launch as the Session User, i.e. the account that was used to login to Windows.

Below shows an example of the configuration of each individual Nox Toolbox item.

The Nox Toolbox Ribbon Bar

Buttons can be created either manually or directly from a right-click on a Nox Toolbox item.

Each button can also be modified based on the required configuration for that specific button.

The System Tray Icon

As well as being able to launch and show the application you can use the system tray icon for the Nox Toolbox to quickly launch Toolbox items.

Systray Icon

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