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Welcome to your consolidated support tool !

Launch applications in an alternative (administrator) context without having to type your alternate account credentials every time.  This can help mitigate shoulder surfing of your password being typed many times during your day.

The most important premise of the Nox Toolbox is that you can launch it using an administrator account and everything you run (unless you configure an item to Run As Session User) is run in that administrator context.  This is useful when an admin account is used many times a day and that password is typed many times.  Since an admin account should be complex and hard to guess the ability to type it once at the start of a business day and then have all of your admin tools run under that admin account both increases security and helps prevent shoulder surfing of admin accounts.

Perform quick diagnostics on local or remote servers or computers to determine the status of its configuration.  Save time when working with infrastructure that you administer.

With many IT professionals it is time consuming to setup a new computer and re-install all of the administration and development tools they use.  Toolbox items can also serve as reminders as to what your toolset looks like on a new machine.  Besides configuration and notes there is an “Installer” reference field that can be used to point to a website, UNC or other source of the installer.  This allows you to quickly get back up and running on a new machine and be confident that your system has all the tools you need.


Highly customizable menu bar and multiple ways to launch applications provide a powerful support tool.  In the screenshots below you will see various applications, some are admin tools that should be run in an admin security context but some are productivity applications such as Word or Excel.  Every item in the Nox Toolbox can be configured to run as the account who started the Nox Toolbox or as the Windows session user.  So, Word would be run as the session user whereas Regedit would typically be run as an admin account.

Quick Run

This feature allows you to run a command in the security context of the Nox Toolbox.  The Nox Toolbox can be configured (in Options) to launch the Quick Run when the system tray icon is double-clicked.  This allows you to run anything very quickly as an administrator, i.e. regedit.

Typing a command will show items you have in your Nox Toolbox.

Or, you can just type any command that the Windows RUN command will launch

Toolbox Group View

This view allows you to quickly navigate to a toolbox item.

Support Indicators

This feature allows you to check the status of a server or PC using a variety of checks.

This powerful feature of the Nox Toolbox lets you quickly check one or several aspects of a target’s configuration.  This allows you to quickly determine if a target is compliant or not and allows a support person to very quickly identify the area of concern.

  • Registry Key
  • Registry Value
  • File Exist
  • Folder Exist
  • Service Exist
  • Service Status
  • Process Running
  • File Hash Searcher
  • Simple File Searcher


The Monitors feature of the Nox Toolbox allows a list of targets to be monitored, with configurable and individual heartbeats, to determine the current status.

Remote Manager

This feature allows you to apply actions against targets.  Examples of actions that might be performed are shown in the screenshot below.  These actions can be almost anything that can be built into a script.  The parameter %1 is replaced with the Target for each Remote Manager Item that is selected.


Free yourself from having bookmarks in a single browser.  Save bookmarks to a folder that you can synchronize, i.e Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, etc.  Point the Nox Toolbox Bookmarks setting to that folder and have access to your bookmarks in one convenient place.  This can be especially useful when you want to keep personal and business bookmarks separate.


Across the entire Nox Toolbox you can use specially configured variables.  This means you can build up a toolbox of items that refer to a variable and then simply change that variable to instantly re-point your action to that target.


The install process uses a standard wizard.

Initial question

Additional Components

It is recommended that you also install the free Nox Session Launcher utility.  Read more here.



Important note : The email address you purchase with is tied to your activation license.

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Product Requirements

This application requires .NET Framework 4.5 and has been tested on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.


Product support is available at