The Nox Toolbox can help you quickly determine the configuration of a computer via the Support Indicators system.

Each Support Indicator can be configured to examine one or more aspects of a target system. You can build your own custom library of Support Indicators to evaluate a target.

A Variety of Checks

Support Indicators can perform multiple OR as well as multiple AND conditional checks to determine if a target complies with the Support Indicator.

For example, a combination of a registry key value and a service status can be conditionally checked to determine if both meet a desired configuration.

It may be the case that you want to check for IOC’s (Indicators Of Compromise) with a combination of registry keys and running processes.  Or, you may simply be checking to see if antivirus is running and the DAT is at the desired version.

There is a potentially unlimited combination of checks you can perform and once the Support Indicators are built you can use them to quickly check systems for compliance.

Built In Editor

Each Support Indicator can be edited easily to achieve the desired configuration tests.  Support Indicators are saved as human readable XML.



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