Nox Endpoint Manager

  • Monitor network connectivity
  • Captivate Portal Detection
  • Real time and historical connectivity information
  • Monitor WiFi connectivity
  • Ping and Web test “Heartbeats” to enhance network connectivity monitoring
  • Individual process and process family (i.e. all chrome.exe processes, all msedge.exe processes) for performance impact
  • Threshold alerting and logging
  • Enhanced, visual Traceroute
  • Quick access to key Windows support tools that are typically used in network and performance troubleshooting
  • Ability to view historical connectivity information for remote machines
  • Run scripts on connectivity changes

Quickly see current network connectivity

View current connectivity

Without “Business Network” configuration or when the business network is unavailable but Internet access is

View connectivity for current day

View historical connectivity

Historical information showing a brief outage at around 3:16pm.

Run scripts on changes of network connectivity

WiFi signal strength and other metrics. Also records all changes, useful for signal strength testing

Connectivity testing

Process performance over time

Enhanced, visual Traceroute