Tree Launcher

Built and used by our development team the Tree Launcher allows any IT Professional to search a system using both simple and advanced file filters.


At its core the Tree Launcher can search for files using any of a list of predefined filters, or those created by the user.  Simple and advanced filters can be used to filter search results.  Results can be saved and reloaded, as can the overall configuration.  A CSV format output of the results can also be saved.

Built in filters create quick ways to configure the user interface and perform a search.

User configurable filters can be created with any combination of include or exclude filters.


Any item, or multiple items, in the Results window can be selected and actions performed on them such as adding them to include or exclude filters.

Hash values can be produced for any file in the results window by selecting one, multiple, or all of the Hash Calculations from the menu bar.

Advanced properties can show the hash of individuals files regardless of the hash menu configurations.

Advanced Filters

When the Advanced Filters feature is enabled the following options become available for in-depth configuration of the search criteria.

Script Builder

The Script Builder feature allows files or folder to be selected and a custom script used to create an output script that can be run independently of the Tree Launcher application.

For example, you may have a search criteria that returns hundreds of folders but you only want to selectively pick out the ones you want and then copy those to another folder structure.  Building these scripts means you can run different searches and apply the same Script Command Picker item to produce custom scripts that you can re-use.

Launching Files

Launching individual or multiple files can be performed once the Launch Lock is disabled.  This safety feature (on by default) means you can safely explore a file system that may contain malware without worry that the files may be accidentally launched by navigating with Windows Explorer.

Among the configuration options that allow you to tweak settings to your liking you will find a special option that is core to the application.  This feature allows you to override launching files with their registered applications and open in, for example Notepad, or any debugging, audit or log tailing application of your choice.


The install process uses a standard wizard.  Depending on your system administrative rights may be required to perform the initial installation.

Additional Components

It is recommended that you also install the free Nox Session Launcher utility.  Read more here.



Important note : The email address you purchase with is tied to your activation license.

Contact [email protected] for more information on purchasing multiple license.


Product Requirements

This application requires .NET Framework 4.5 and has been tested on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.


Product support is available at